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of the Presenter Training DVD and the PRESENTATION CONTENT

  • PROBLEM: Climate Change and dwindling natural resources sought by a global population that is growing both in number and in its desire to consume. Conflict Resolution and Leadership Skills will be ever more necessary as the 21st Century unfolds.

  • CONCEPT 1: Leadership styles among humans can range from Authoritarian (Hitler) to Task-oriented/ Participative (Gandhi/ King.) These styles are acquired skills - with the acquisition starting during elementary school. Bulleying is the easiest route to leadership, and the least functional among adult society.

  • CONCEPT 2: The friends of a leader in peer group school interactions are the ones most in a position to moderate the style of leadership expressed in their group, but usually lack understanding and certainly lack maturity as to assisting their friends in becoming the BEST they can be.

  • PRESCRIPTION: Engage students in an interactive simulation of the world that:

    1st) builds empathy for people everywhere,
    2nd) creates a moment of angst that causes the lesson to be remembered, and
    3rd) shows them that they can help themselves by helping their immediate peers to develop productive styles of leadership...which will eventually help them all in the world they'll inherit.

Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) and Educators have created the One World, Our World (1WOWTM) School Program to fulfill this prescription. It was field tested to over 175,000 students in over 300 schools, in 25 states plus in Mexico, Ireland, and Laos.


Educate youth. Show them the world, and how to live in it
at peace. 

We are dedicated to the principles of Leadership, Tolerance,
Peace Building,
and Healthier Friendships.
We developed this material to train people in achieving these skills through interactive, experiential learning programs.

Explore our site to see how so much can be accomplished in only 2-Hrs of student time. Being an experiential approach, it's impact relies on reaching entire peer groups of students quickly (minimally 100 students at a time.) Reaching everyone at a school requires a collaboration of a presenter with adults from the school's regular support community.


The 1WOW program reinforces many existing school programs by providing a graphic and memorable new angle to deliver the message. 

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